It was Mr. Kanazawa’s philosophy that we should offer those in their senior years a better quality of life by supporting their wish to live as independently, courageously and happily as possible. He wanted us to always strive to exceed our customer’s expectations.

It is our mission to fulfill his vision of customer service to our residents and families. Excerpts from the book Inspiring Words of Wisdom, by Tomio Kanazawa. "Dreams are invisible to the eye, but having a dream, a vision, makes all the difference in our attitude in life and how we run our organization. I share with you now just a small portion of my thoughts in hopes to inspire and encourage you."

"It was not until I reached the age of my customers that I truly understood how they must feel. This filled me with a deep desire to fulfill their expectations in any way I could. Treating others the way you would like to be treated, comes from the Golden Rule. When we put ourselves in our customer’s shoes, anticipating what they desire and taking immediate action we put the Golden Rule into action. Our mission is to always meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. Moment to moment, each and every one of us uses our own judgment to create hospitality that touches the heart of the customer. "

"It is the goal of our organization to create a comfortable environment that we are proud of, both for our customers and our employees. That is why it is the policy of our owners to devote a large portion of our profits to provide a clean and well-maintained environment and to renovate as often as needed. By using profits for the benefit of our customers rather than accumulating them in the company, our customers will be happier, our employees will be happier, and the value of the building and the brand of ANRC will both increase in value."

"As long as customers entrust us with their loved ones and friends, it is our highest priority to provide them with a quality of life and peace of mind throughout their stay with us. The peace of mind and satisfaction of our customers is what supports the future of ANRC."